Allowing Yourself the Freedom to be Curious

By Kate-Pride Muse Twenty-three is a big number. When I was eight, I thought I’d have three kids by now. A fourth on the way. Now that I am twenty-three, I’ve found I’ve never felt younger. Childhood is overrated. Or at least it was for me. I spent the first half learning the basics. How to walk, tie my shoe, and ride a bike. The … Continue reading Allowing Yourself the Freedom to be Curious

Meet Film Editor Paul Rogers

By Lee HurleyPhoto by Luke Lynch Birmingham native Paul Rogers has been editing films in Los Angeles for the last eight years. His latest film called Everything Everywhere All At Once has an incredibly high IMDB rating of 8.5. The movie was written and directed by the Daniels, one of whom is Daniel Scheinert also a Birmingham native. Paul’s father Alan Rogers is a well-known lawyer and more … Continue reading Meet Film Editor Paul Rogers

Providing Hope with Alabama Appleseed

Alabama Appleseed’s life-changing work on post-prison integration By Rick LewisPhotos by Brit Huckabay and Bernard Troncale Scott Fuqua sounds incredulous. “This guy could die in prison for stealing two polo shirts,” he says, without irony. Sadly, there is a fair chance he is not wrong. In Alabama, under the sentencing strictures of the Habitual Felony Offender Act (HFOA), also known as the “three-strikes law,” a … Continue reading Providing Hope with Alabama Appleseed

Muscle Shoals: Cross This off Your Bucket List

Muscle Shoals: places to see (and hear) in your own state By Jim Hannaford “Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them.” ― Russell Conwell Sometimes we overlook the importance of things when they are close by, and Muscle Shoals is a shining example. This is a place that’s … Continue reading Muscle Shoals: Cross This off Your Bucket List

In Their Own Words: Lauren Steele

Instagram Fashionista and Blogger By Barry Wise Smith | Photo by Dr. David Steele Lauren Steele is a Mississippi girl and licensed attorney who moved to Homewood when her husband, Dr. David Steele, came to UAB to complete a fellowship. Lauren started her blog, LC-Steele, in law school as a way to face her frustration with social media. Today, she has almost 200,000 Instagram (@lc_steele) followers and devoted blog readers. … Continue reading In Their Own Words: Lauren Steele

Ketcham & Co.

By Sarah Campbell Geoffrey and Jama Ketcham, the husband and wife team behind Ketcham & Co., have been re-envisioning area homes through renovations and new builds since 2016. Jama serves as the lead interior designer while Geoffrey oversees construction, and together they collaborate on home design tailored to reflect each client’s personality and needs. Simple, but effective—as the company tagline puts it, “Dream Design Build.” With … Continue reading Ketcham & Co.

Will the Circle be Unbroken

Happily married father of six, Dr. John Young mixes humility with dedication and hard work By Lee Hurley | Photo by Brit Huckabay Dr. John Young, an orthopedic surgeon at Precision Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, is not at all the man I expected to meet when I agreed to write about him for Portico. Self-effacing and quick to spread the credit for his success around to his wife, … Continue reading Will the Circle be Unbroken

Dreams So Real: A Rock Band Story

The Underhills prove that it’s never too late to rock By Jim Fahy | Photos by Brit Huckabay I’m in an undisclosed location (Sorry: No narcs) listening to six dudes who aren’t supposed to be in a rock band being the best rock band in the world—well, at least in a 30-mile radius—at 5 pm on a dreary football Sunday in January. And, right now, in the middle of … Continue reading Dreams So Real: A Rock Band Story

A Mountain Brook Musician’s Debut in an Aching World

By Helen CampPhotos by Brit Huckabay and Courtesy Denson Camp An artist’s first album is arguably the most significant in many ways; it introduces the musician to audiences and should be the finest representation of the musician’s capabilities that it can be. Though creators are expected to evolve and change over the course of their careers and experiment with new concepts, their first impression on the world is often … Continue reading A Mountain Brook Musician’s Debut in an Aching World

The Red Barn: What Horses Can Teach Us

Photos and story by Cara Clark The phrase accompanying The Red Barn’s charming logo captures both its essence and its history: “Faith, Hope & Love” and, of course, horses. It took each of those in great measure for Joy O’Neal to stride into the unknown with the courage of her convictions. “When students are learning to ride, they learn perseverance and determination,” says O’Neal, executive director and … Continue reading The Red Barn: What Horses Can Teach Us