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Josh Matthews is launching a music paper and it’s gonna be good

Story by Lee Hurley

What is the name of the publication?
MusicBham Monthly. It’s the tangible version of our website,

How often will it come out and where can I get it?
Every month. It’s a free publication, and you won’t have to go far to find it. Any place you would expect to pick up a community paper, like the Piggly Wiggly and other local grocers, as well as mom and pop establishments. If you want a digital copy go to

Why are you doing this?
I was inspired to spread the word about music in Birmingham after enjoying some remarkable concerts that were poorly attended and feeling disappointed that there weren’t more of us there to appreciate those opportunities to hear great music. It’s a completely ridiculous responsibility to take on that feeling, but nevertheless…I thought I could do more to spread the word about music here. Music is such a powerful art form that we can all relate to. It brings us together and enhances the human experience. I believe that is worth sharing.

What is your background?
I grew up, quite literally, in a record store called The Music Emporium that my father, Art, opened in Meridian, MS in 1973. He happened to fall in love, and eventually marry, the very first customer who walked through that door, my mom, Debbie. For nearly 40 years, we ran that business as a family, listened to music as a family, went to concerts as a family, so music is in my blood. Since moving to Birmingham in 2005, I’ve dabbled in music, but my career focus has been in sales and marketing. I’ve always known that music would eventually play a larger role in my life, but to be able to do this now is surreal.

What sorts of music-related stories will you cover?
Local first. The level of original musicianship here is remarkable and newsworthy, and this will be our first-foot-forward approach. At the same time, our music scene is growing, so we’ll provide exclusive content from regional and national artists, but the focus is going to be on local musicians and members of our music community.

Who else is involved with MusicBham?
Who else is involved with MusicBham?
Bert Trotman and Jojo Weber created MusicBham for the same reasons that I was developing another music marketing platform, called Mother Plug Music, in 2012. MusicBham was doing some things well that Mother Plug Music was lacking, and vice versa, so we brought the two entities together. Kaydee Mulvehill, a super-talented singer/songwriter, is acting as our general manager; Daniel Boone, our Art Director, is a creative genius, Music journalist Brent Thompson covers music better than anyone else I know, and Rebecca Scott, a talented writer with a master’s in education, is editing. More will join us.

For more info:  or visit

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