A Note from Suzan Doidge, Executive Director, Mountain Brook Chamber

Letter to the Editor

 It is an unparalleled time for our community and our nation, one in which almost every phase of our lives has been transformed. The activities we took for granted are now anything but. Meanwhile our children and their parents are inventing a whole new manner of learning while many business owners are making extraordinary efforts to stay afloat.

 For our local businesses and their employees, COVID-19 closures have had an immense impact. 

These merchants are the heartbeat of our way of life. But Mountain Brook is a community that comes together in a crisis. In this spirit, we initiated a joint effort between city leaders, our Chamber, private enterprise, and residents with the objective of providing financial assistance to our most vulnerable locally-owned businesses. 

Through Phase I, “Save Our Restaurants,” 100% of funds have been distributed to restaurant owners with the specific aim of assisting in maintaining wait and kitchen staff. Now, in an effort to support all our merchants, the Mountain Brook Chamber has launched Phase II – One Mountain Brook. One Mountain Brook challenges every household in Mountain Brook to donate a minimum of $100 to this campaign. One hundred percent of the money raised will go directly to our brick and mortar merchants in support of their business operations.

Please consider for a moment how these business owners have supported our community throughout the years – fundraisers, sports team sponsorships, participation in community events, the list goes on and on. Now it’s our turn.  Please go to ONEMB.SWELL.GIVES to make your donation. This is NOT a tax-deductible donation due to the Chamber’s 501(C)(6) classification. Please consult your tax professional for additional information.

The Chamber and all of our city leadership want to thank you for taking COVID-19 and the health crisis seriously. The sacrifices you have made in closing businesses, cancelling gatherings, and social distancing from those you love is making a difference.

 And because I think we all deserve a laugh, one of the many changes we’ve made is the way we communicate with each other. I was recently asked if I was familiar with ZOOM. I quickly replied, “Yes, I would love to have my teeth whitened!” Now with board meetings, exercise classes, happy hours and religious services all meeting via ZOOM, I really do know what it is!

 Thank you for playing a role in everything that makes our community a great place to live, work, and to raise a family.  And thank you for supporting One Mountain Brook.  

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