10 Things I Learned as a Homewood Letterman

The Homewood Lettermen are a longstanding tradition of upperclassmen, who paint their chests and cheer at Homewood High School sporting events. Here are 10 things I learned from being a Letterman.

As told by by Barry Smith
Photos by Scott Butler

  1. Body paint is surprisingly durable—you really have to scrub it to get it off (Mom note: it is also hard to get off of clothes).
  2. The H is the H, and the M is the M—no swapping letters during the season.
  3. Body paint doesn’t hold in body heat—being a letterman in cold temps is challenging. On a related note: running hot water on your hands in the stadium bathroom during halftime is a semi-effective way of warming yourself up when it’s cold.
  4. You’ll find paint in places you never expected!
  5. Lettermen always get front-row seating in the student section. And, as always, freshmen in the back!
  6. Cheer loudly and crazily enough, and you’ll always make it onto Fox6’s Sideline show.
  7. Turn on the speed when running onto the field in front of the team—you don’t want to get trampled like those dudes running with the bulls in Italy!
  8. Expect lots of funny looks in random parking lots when you’re getting your chest painted before games.
  9. It’s okay to throw a blanket over your shoulders when it’s cold, but NEVER cover up your letter.
  10. Make sure you know the words to the Alma Mater to sing after every Patriot victory—or just say Honor and Loyalty really loud at the end!

Go Patriots!

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