This Alabama Entrepreneur is Creating a Leadership Movement Across the Country

America’s new leadership series is taking the U.S. by storm, and not just because its panel includes best selling authors, NFL Hall-of-Famers, and CEOs.

Story by Kristine Alford

Scott Tindle, an Alabama entrepreneur and the founder of G.R.I.T. Leadership, has a mission – to create a world full of excellent leaders. Tindle graduated from Auburn University in 2003 and then obtained a law degree from the University of Alabama in 2009. After realizing his passion for starting new businesses, he began his career in entrepreneurship. In 2012, he and a business partner appeared on Shark Tank before selling their company to an outside investor. He then founded several businesses including Gulf Coast Ducks, Sylvia’s Bisuits and Poboys, and The Fort of Colonial Mobile. Scott’s first leadership event was held in Mobile, AL, in January 2019. The Senior Bowl Leadership Summit featured several accomplished speakers that educated, inspired, and entertained 1,000 people.

The four cornerstones of G.R.I.T. Leadership are Gratitude, Relationships, Innovation, and Teamwork. Using this foundation, Tindle hopes to equip current and future leaders with skills, strategies, and the mindset necessary to be successful in today’s culture. He carefully and intentionally chooses speakers with unique skillsets and backgrounds that all have one important thing in common: they are excellent leaders. Scott stresses the importance of this- “I can’t learn to be a hall of fame athlete, but I can learn to be a hall of fame leader and teammate. Our speakers have a tremendous depth of knowledge and we are grateful to get to learn from them.”

Scott not only aims to deliver the best possible content, but also strives to create both an entertaining and affordable experience. “We know that it is extremely hard for organizations to get access to world class leadership experts without spending thousands of dollars per ticket. Our goal is to create events that become more accessible so that small business owners, and other institutions that are budget conscious, can send as many team members as possible. By bringing your entire team to the event you gain practical and actionable ideas that can immediately be implemented to improve your workplace. We also know that most professional development opportunities are extremely boring. We have created the most entertaining leadership event in America, that is always full of surprises.”

G.R.I.T. Leadership Series is part of G.R.I.T. Leadership, which focuses on training and professional development for corporations, educational institutions, municipalities, and small businesses. G.R.I.T. Leadership Series is produced by Experiential Design Group, LLC.If you would like more information about this topic, please call Scott Tindle at 251-610-7263 or email

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