Meet the Owner of Rock Inn Salsa

DeAnna Owen tells the story of her family-inspired salsa brand

Story by Barry Wise Smith and Photo by Catherine Mayo

When my son Garrett (now an Auburn freshman) went to middle school, I was a nervous wreck and needed something to occupy my time and calm my nerves. A friend had been making salsa and giving it as gifts, so I thought I’d give it a try. I did research and developed my own recipe. It was definitely a trial-and-error situation. I named the salsa after my parents’ home—Rock Inn Point in Cropwell. My daddy had two huge garden plots right beside Logan Martin Lake. At the end of the season, he would always give everything away. I started out making the salsa with my daddy’s vegetables. When he passed away, I started getting my produce from Jason Davidson, who runs the vegetable stand at Trinity. Now they sell my salsa too.

              I started out just giving the salsa as teacher gifts and Christmas gifts for friends, but everyone kept wanting the salsa. I use all garden-fresh produce. I thought it was fitting when I made labels to name it after my parents’ home. I sell 15 to 20 containers a week at the veggie stand, and on July 4th I experimented with making peach salsa, and it went over well. I do porch drop-offs during the year, and I can make a sugar-free version for people with diabetes on request.

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