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Will the Circle be Unbroken

Dr. John Young, an orthopedic surgeon at Precision Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, is not at all the man I expected to meet when I agreed to write about him for Portico. Self-effacing and quick to spread the credit for his success around to his wife, his parents, his sisters and brothers, his colleagues, and his staff, he seems more like a priest than a surgeon.

Ketcham & Company

With more than a decade of renovation experience under their belts and dozens of projects to their name, Jama and Geoffrey Ketcham got their start after successfully flipping a Homewood property in 2006.

Dreams So Real

I’m in an undisclosed location (Sorry: No narcs) listening to six dudes who aren’t supposed to be in a rock band being the best rock band in the world—well, at least in a 30-mile radius—at 5 pm on a dreary football Sunday in January.

In Her Own Words: Laruen Steele

Lauren Steele is a Mississippi girl and licensed attorney who moved to Homewood when her husband, Dr. David Steele, came to UAB to complete a fellowship. Lauren started her blog, LC-Steele, in law school as a way to face her frustration with social media. Today, she has almost 200,000 Instagram (lc_steele) followers and devoted blog readers.

If you love something, set it free …

Everyone knows that old saying. Let go of the thing you love. If it’s meant to be yours, it will eventually come back to you. Advice well-heeded in the case of old high school boyfriends and the baby squirrel my brothers once tried to make into a household pet. Advice that is much harder to bear, however, when it comes to the thing we love above all else: our children.


HAMMER DOWN! Birmingham soccer fans have a reason – a real reason – to rejoice. Professional...

Bucky Ball

 BUCKY BALL by Lee Hurley  Photos by Brit Huckabay The dominance of Mountain Brook High School’s...

Rock Star Dads

 HOMEWOOD’S ROCK STAR DADS Portico Homewood writer Jim Fahy sat down with some of...


 PICKLEBALL The new old game with a funky name hits the tiny kingdom. by Beth Wilder  photos by...

Unsung Heroes

  CHANGE AGENTS by Cathy C. Adams, Alec Harvey, Lee M. Hurley, Carla Jean Whitley and Beth...

Legacy at Lakeshore

 LEGACY AT LAKESHORE Lakeshore Rehabilitation Hospital and the Lakeshore Foundation offer help and...


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