Meet Film Editor Paul Rogers

By Lee HurleyPhoto by Luke Lynch Birmingham native Paul Rogers has been editing films in Los Angeles for the last eight years. His latest film called Everything Everywhere All At Once has an incredibly high IMDB rating of 8.5. The movie was written and directed by the Daniels, one of whom is Daniel Scheinert also a Birmingham native. Paul’s father Alan Rogers is a well-known lawyer and more … Continue reading Meet Film Editor Paul Rogers

Building Community: The Legacy of Mike Mouron

By Cara Clark Mike Mouron gave retirement a shot in 2012. The Mountain Brook native divided his company, Capstone Development, into four separate businesses, an act intended to mark the end of an era that included developing student housing on and off campuses throughout the nation for decades. Instead, it kicked off a new career with tangible impact on the Birmingham area. When the cosmopolitan Valley Hotel opened its … Continue reading Building Community: The Legacy of Mike Mouron