Ketcham & Co.

By Sarah Campbell Geoffrey and Jama Ketcham, the husband and wife team behind Ketcham & Co., have been re-envisioning area homes through renovations and new builds since 2016. Jama serves as the lead interior designer while Geoffrey oversees construction, and together they collaborate on home design tailored to reflect each client’s personality and needs. Simple, but effective—as the company tagline puts it, “Dream Design Build.” With … Continue reading Ketcham & Co.

Hive Talkin’: How the Hargraves Love the Bee

Written by Frank Stickney and photos by Stephen Savage and Frank Stickney Sometimes fate just flies into your life, finds a hole in your house, and builds a hive in your walls. And by “fate” I mean bees, of course. Because that is exactly what happened to Becka and Brandon Hargraves, the hardworking duo whose livelihood is built on the backs of those very same bees … Continue reading Hive Talkin’: How the Hargraves Love the Bee