Rolling with the Red Clay Strays

This hot Alabama rock band is making waves By Jim HannafordPhotos by Stephen Anderson Those early fans who say they knew the Red Clay Strays were going places were right. They expected them to make a big impact with their hard-to-characterize music, but they may not have pictured them wade fishing in Wyoming or stranded on the side of the road in western Colorado. For … Continue reading Rolling with the Red Clay Strays

CyberSports: The Next Round

The Next Round takes its sports talk format into the modern media world By Brent ThompsonPhotos by Brit Huckabay, Taylor Korn, and courtesy of Doubledown Media Internet radio, satellite radio, podcasts, phone apps, streaming and YouTube—all terms that consumers hear on a regular basis. The bottom line? Listeners have a wealth of options when it comes to accessing media content these days. Jim Dunaway, Ryan … Continue reading CyberSports: The Next Round

Realtor and musician Rob Thorworth returns to Birmingham

Photos and story by Brent Thompson Sing me Back Home Anyone familiar with the 1990s Birmingham music scene will immediately recognize the names Rob Thorworth and Gravy. Guitarist/vocalist Thorworth – now a residential real estate agent with ARC Realty – formed the blues-based trio Gravy out of necessity when a gig opportunity arose on Florida’s Emerald Coast. “La Paz was opening in Destin and they … Continue reading Realtor and musician Rob Thorworth returns to Birmingham

Conjuring Up a Documentary

The Art and Magic of Filmmaking  By Norman Jetmundsen  Life takes crazy turns sometimes.  Like when I made an offhand suggestion to my good friend and Sewanee classmate, David Crews, that he should do a documentary on the amazing season of the Sewanee Tigers of 1899.  Although he has a full-time job, David had done an award-winning documentary about Mississippi Governor, William Winter, called “The Toughest Job.”   His reply was, … Continue reading Conjuring Up a Documentary

Three Entrepreneurs That Followed Their Bliss

Bennie and Coco Surf Co.Vicki BarclayMB VillagePhoto by Andrea Dapkus Why the name and how did you get involved? Vicki Barclay:  Bennie and Coco Surf Co. opened four years ago in Charleston by my friend Katie Poole. The name is a play on her parents’ and grandparents’ last names and is a nod to who and from whom she is. Deciding to open my own version … Continue reading Three Entrepreneurs That Followed Their Bliss

Allowing Yourself the Freedom to be Curious

By Kate-Pride Muse Twenty-three is a big number. When I was eight, I thought I’d have three kids by now. A fourth on the way. Now that I am twenty-three, I’ve found I’ve never felt younger. Childhood is overrated. Or at least it was for me. I spent the first half learning the basics. How to walk, tie my shoe, and ride a bike. The … Continue reading Allowing Yourself the Freedom to be Curious

Providing Hope with Alabama Appleseed

Alabama Appleseed’s life-changing work on post-prison integration By Rick LewisPhotos by Brit Huckabay and Bernard Troncale Scott Fuqua sounds incredulous. “This guy could die in prison for stealing two polo shirts,” he says, without irony. Sadly, there is a fair chance he is not wrong. In Alabama, under the sentencing strictures of the Habitual Felony Offender Act (HFOA), also known as the “three-strikes law,” a … Continue reading Providing Hope with Alabama Appleseed

Muscle Shoals: Cross This off Your Bucket List

Muscle Shoals: places to see (and hear) in your own state By Jim Hannaford “Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them.” ― Russell Conwell Sometimes we overlook the importance of things when they are close by, and Muscle Shoals is a shining example. This is a place that’s … Continue reading Muscle Shoals: Cross This off Your Bucket List

Dreams So Real: A Rock Band Story

The Underhills prove that it’s never too late to rock By Jim Fahy | Photos by Brit Huckabay I’m in an undisclosed location (Sorry: No narcs) listening to six dudes who aren’t supposed to be in a rock band being the best rock band in the world—well, at least in a 30-mile radius—at 5 pm on a dreary football Sunday in January. And, right now, in the middle of … Continue reading Dreams So Real: A Rock Band Story