Meet Author Sean Dietrich

By Anderson McKean, Page and Pallette Sean Dietrich is a columnist, novelist, and podcast host, known for his commentary on life in the American South. He is the author thirteen books and the creator of the Sean of the South Podcast. Dietrich chatted with PORTICO about his latest book, You Are My Sunshine. Q: In You Are My Sunshine, you reflect on the importance of keeping promises … Continue reading Meet Author Sean Dietrich

Fall 2022 Reading List

By Anderson McKean of Page & Pallette Fall is for Reading Without a doubt, fall is my favorite season for reading. Writers tend to save their more literary, sweeping stories for this time of year. The following novels are engaging works of historical fiction by remarkably talented authors, the kind of beautifully written, intriguing books I am drawn to on these cool fall days The Marriage … Continue reading Fall 2022 Reading List

Rolling with the Red Clay Strays

This hot Alabama rock band is making waves By Jim HannafordPhotos by Stephen Anderson Those early fans who say they knew the Red Clay Strays were going places were right. They expected them to make a big impact with their hard-to-characterize music, but they may not have pictured them wade fishing in Wyoming or stranded on the side of the road in western Colorado. For … Continue reading Rolling with the Red Clay Strays

CyberSports: The Next Round

The Next Round takes its sports talk format into the modern media world By Brent ThompsonPhotos by Brit Huckabay, Taylor Korn, and courtesy of Doubledown Media Internet radio, satellite radio, podcasts, phone apps, streaming and YouTube—all terms that consumers hear on a regular basis. The bottom line? Listeners have a wealth of options when it comes to accessing media content these days. Jim Dunaway, Ryan … Continue reading CyberSports: The Next Round

A Colonoscopy Can Keep You Alive.

By Dany Hollingsworth Now that its Fall in the South, I imagine many of you have spent several nights already either cheering your team to victory or bemoaning the loss amongst friends.  And with temperatures (finally) starting to cool off, children might be requesting smores for dessert, and you might be looking forward to nights on the couch with your significant other, cozied up by a … Continue reading A Colonoscopy Can Keep You Alive.

In His Own Words: The Eagle Scout Project

Jackson Young, a senior at Mountain Brook shares the process he went through with his Eagle Scout project.  I came up with the idea of building owl boxes and presented it to my Eagle Scout coach and he was all for it.  The first thing is I had to find out what kind of owls live in this area. I googled that and found that the … Continue reading In His Own Words: The Eagle Scout Project

Realtor and musician Rob Thorworth returns to Birmingham

Photos and story by Brent Thompson Sing me Back Home Anyone familiar with the 1990s Birmingham music scene will immediately recognize the names Rob Thorworth and Gravy. Guitarist/vocalist Thorworth – now a residential real estate agent with ARC Realty – formed the blues-based trio Gravy out of necessity when a gig opportunity arose on Florida’s Emerald Coast. “La Paz was opening in Destin and they … Continue reading Realtor and musician Rob Thorworth returns to Birmingham

The Three Sixty {real estate} Family of Services Expands Across Alabama

By Leslie Reece When Tricia Young and Nonet Reese—Co-Founders and Co-Owners of Three Sixty {real estate}—were introduced by Reese’s husband, the women knew they would make a good contact for their respective real estate businesses. What they did not realize was that introductory lunch would lead them to a new business and a strong partnership that continues to evolve to this day. Reese already had … Continue reading The Three Sixty {real estate} Family of Services Expands Across Alabama