The Three Sixty {real estate} Family of Services Expands Across Alabama

By Leslie Reece

When Tricia Young and Nonet Reese—Co-Founders and Co-Owners of Three Sixty {real estate}—were introduced by Reese’s husband, the women knew they would make a good contact for their respective real estate businesses. What they did not realize was that introductory lunch would lead them to a new business and a strong partnership that continues to evolve to this day.

Reese already had a wide knowledge of real estate, having spent her entire career in the industry and developing relationships throughout the state of Alabama. Young’s experience in Human Resources management for various companies was integral to the foundation of building the business. Reese was already working with developers on new construction projects, and Young was interested in doing the same. As the vision grew, their geography expanded as different relationships were built, and Reese’s statewide presence facilitated that transition.

 “We wanted to create a new vision for a real estate business, with a ‘family of services’ that would benefit clients in anything to do with the business of home,” Young remembers. “At the time, there was nothing quite like that in the area.” Young and Reese worked on the business plan for about a year and finally opened the doors of Three Sixty {real estate} on January 1, 2010, focusing on development and new construction sales as well as a small property management business, 360 Management. By 2018, that property management business was booming, and they acquired another local company, growing the portfolio from 30 units to more than 450. Today 360 Management manages about 950 units.

To address the needs of their clients more fully, Young and Reese began two additional ventures. First, they teamed up with Sarah Brown to co-found lifeSTYLED Three Sixty, a company that began as the staging arm of the real estate sales company and quicky evolved into a fully-fledged interior design firm offering services such as building selections, furniture sourcing, color consulting, holiday decorating, event styling and more. Clients include commercial and residential properties from Auburn to Lake Martin to Birmingham and beyond. 

Next, they opened a Lake Martin real estate sales office, focused on helping clients purchase and sell luxury lake properties. As business at the lake grew, an additional diversification became an obvious next step. Young and Reese saw a need for short-term rental properties, both for Lake Martin vacationers and for gameday rentals in Auburn.

In 2021, 360 Destinations was formed to tackle this need. The company started with three properties at the lake, and 360 Destinations now manages 30+ vacation and gameday rentals. “The ancillary businesses feed each other in unique and interesting ways, and we are thrilled to be offering this new service to our community,” Young says. “We’ve grown significantly since the original plan,” Reese explains. “And that growth has been organic. We see a need, and we fill it with a business we know can work. Our agents are cross-trained so they know all the businesses. Having this knowledge helps us to better serve all our clients.”

Through a connection made with a builder client at Lake Martin, Young and Reese decided to enter the Birmingham real estate market. “We saw an opportunity for our approach to real estate in Birmingham and I am personally thrilled to rekindle the relationships I had when living and working in the area. Our vision from the beginning was to grow in specific geographic areas. When this opportunity arose in Birmingham, we knew it was time to jump on it,” Young says.

Young and Reese play vital roles in the daily leadership of the company, with Young steering the creative vision while Reese functions as the corporate broker and concentrates on the practical details of the business. They work hand in hand with their agents and are active in the company’s extensive coaching programs. “The ‘why’ of the company is that we foster an environment where everyone can have a successful career and make a lucrative living on their own terms,” Young says. “We provide a high level of coaching and a lot of marketing support for our agents. It’s very important to us that our people are professional, knowledgeable, and involved in the communities where they live and work.” Both women make a point to participate in many local organizations, guided by the 10 core values that the company’s leadership team created together.  The company brings their entire team together throughout the year to create excitement and unity among agents. “Real estate is a very competitive business. It’s important to us that our team works together. We have a collaborative office space, so people are literally immersed in the business,” Young says. 

In addition to expansion to the Birmingham market to better serve the needs of their clients, Young and Reese are considering expanding their business geographically to Georgia and Florida. Additionally, having helped many clients in the past with successful development endeavors, Young and Reese are also exploring exciting development opportunities in the geographic areas where they operate. 

“We use the hashtag #bestteamever at Three Sixty,” Reese says. “We are focused on cutting edge resources and collaboration to ensure that our team is always prepared to face the continually changing landscape of real estate. Since the pandemic, virtual options have become much more robust, making it significantly more possible to do business in a wider geographic area.” Based on this new virtual landscape, Young and Reese look forward to offering services to that wider geographic area while maintaining their signature high level of coaching and support to their team. 

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