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In Their Own Words: Lauren Steele

Instagram Fashionista and Blogger

 Barry Wise Smith | Photo by Dr. David Steele

Lauren Steele is a Mississippi girl and licensed attorney who moved to Homewood when her husband, Dr. David Steele, came to UAB to complete a fellowship. Lauren started her blog, LC-Steele, in law school as a way to face her frustration with social media. Today, she has almost 200,000 Instagram (@lc_steele) followers and devoted blog readers.

“I started the blog because law school was hard. I was memorizing constitutional law and eating out of the vending machine, and the blog was my mental escape. It stemmed from my interest in social media—my generation is the first where social media affects everyone. It’s mainly a fashion blog, but it’s also about me using social media in a positive way. It’s about being who I am and owning how I use social media. I’m very relaxed and comfortable in the social media world. It’s about connecting with people and sharing your life. I treat my blog like a scrapbook—I love having a record of everything.

I post every day, and I do Instastories all day, every day. Instastory has completely changed the game. Companies want video and real-time experiences. Instastory allows people to ask questions and interact with you in real time. It’s important to see what your followers want to see.”

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