At Naro Audiology, Hearing and Overall Well-Being are Connected

Dr. Angelene Naro, Owner, and Brian Naro, Owner and Director of Operations of Naro Audiology and Hearing Solutions are committed to making sure their practice offers hearing and wellness options to their patients with exceptional care. “Our mission is to provide professional audiological services and hearing health care while building an excellent rapport with our patients.  Giving individualized attention and personal, compassionate care is at the heart of our patient relationship’s,” says Dr. Angelene Naro. She is steadfast in her commitment to the importance of earning and maintaining the trust of her patients, and develops a heavily researched, personalized care plan for each person she and the rest of her team treats. With offices in Brewton, Bay Minette, Fairhope, and Foley, Dr. Naro and her team provide high-quality care to several communities in and around the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay.

The practice addresses hearing impairments, balance and dizziness issues, and concerns about overall health and wellness. Focusing on these key areas of health helps patients live the best versions of their lives. Currently, an increasing number of Americans are experiencing hearing loss at younger ages, and it takes the average patient 7 years to make their first appointment to address gradual hearing loss. Naro understands the connection between hearing impairments and other health issues, and how these problems can affect patients’ personal and professional lives. With accurate diagnostic testing and a vast array of top-notch resources, Naro’s skilled team can identify and treat hearing deficits and issues related to balance and dizziness with efficiency. Utilizing state of the art equipment along with cutting-edge technology, Naro develops an individualized care plan for each patient, aiming not only to address hearing and balance needs, but also to improve their overall health and quality of life. 

Naro Audiology offers high-standard treatments that address the individual first, assessing their unique needs and lifestyle to best develop a wellness plan that works for them. In addition to Naro’s customized approach, they also offer post-rehab and chronic condition management as well as personal wellness and training programs, so patients can receive and maintain optimal day-to-day life and well-being. Naro consistently works to improve their approach to wellness, taking into account patient feedback, new research, and intuitive practices. With an unmatched level of personal, compassionate care, Naro strives to help each patient live the life they deserve.

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