These Young Ballerinas Remind Us What It’s Like To Be a Kid Again

By Kelly Weller
Photos by Stephen Savage

A Simpler Life is a recurring piece included in every Portico Eastern Shore issue. Each quarter, we interview a group of children who are enjoying their lives on the Eastern Shore. Their unique insights inspire us all to remain curious, honest, and kind. 

Without missing a beat, Mobile Ballet pivoted to virtual classes during the quarantine which continue but now the studio is welcoming dancers back with limited class sizes, masks, temperature checks and other safety protocols. 

What makes you feel strong?
“Eating my carrots”
-Mckenzie, 6

What is the hardest thing about being a dancer?
“Listening to directions and getting the dance move perfect.  It takes a lot of practice. ”
-Edison, 7

How do you feel when you dance?
“Excited, happy, and thankful”
– Louisa
, 7

What is the hardest thing about being dancer?
“Learning to pirouette.”
-Lorelai, 9

What does dance mean to you?
“I get to work hard and learn to do cool things.”
-Sara Kate, 10

What does dance mean to you?
“It’s having fun and being graceful.”
-Ansleigh, 9

What do you love most about dance?
“Having fun and being with my friends.”
-Hollins, 7

What makes you feel strong?
“Doing a lot of barre work.”
-Chelsea, 6

What is your favorite dance step?
“Grand battement”
-Avery, 10

What do ballerinas eat for breakfast?
-Adair, 7

What is your favorite style of dance?
“Tap and jazz”
-Ansley, 10

Where do ballerinas live when they grow up?
“New York City”
-Isabelle, 6