Meet the Owner of The Plant Fairie Nursery

By Frank Stickney and photos by Kate Reali

In Their Own Words is a special section in Portico Eastern Shore Magazine that highlights profiles of local residents. Every season, we get to know some of the people that contribute to our beautiful and unique community, and we tell their stories here.

Here, we are featuring Terri Loftin, the owner of The Plant Fairie nursery. Here’s what she has to say about her work.

“I became The Plant Fairie by following my heart. It wasn’t the original plan; the wind blew me this way. Starting out as a draftsman in a civil engineering company, I liked the landscape designers’ job of making the blueprints come alive. Soon, I found myself enrolled at Auburn for horticulture. I worked in landscaping and at nurseries and realized that I’d rather work outside than an office. Everything fell into place.

Everyone is born with a brown thumb. Time and effort with trial and error is how you learn. Some plants are easier to grow. Start there. Be aware. Create a relationship. When you get to know a plant, you can better understand its needs.

Plants are alive. Living and breathing. We enjoy plants mostly for beauty, culinary, or medicinal use, but we need plants to live. Many people don’t realize the incredible science that happens. Being around plant energy has overwhelming benefits that go unnoticed. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, it’s healthy and therapeutic.”

-Terri Loftin, owner of The Plant Fairie